Our tasting room is the heart of our economy, a place where you will feel the spirit of Baranya wines tradition, a place where you will want to be quiet and enjoy tasting some of our wines from our wide palette.

Wine tasting for smaller groups is organized in the wine cellar and for larger groups in the basement within the restaurant.

In addition to wine tasting, we serve traditional Baranja snack (bread, grease, and pepper), and by arrangement our local specialties and pastries.


There are days in the year traditionally marked in our basement, one of those days is the 11th day of the celebration of “Martinje”, according to folk customs it is the feast of “baptism of wine” or the day when the mocha turns into the young wine. It was in this 397 that was buried Saint Martin of Toursa, the patron of the winemakers and vineyards. Martinique marks the end of autumn and the beginning of winter because all the works in the fields are over.


The second feast of wine-growers is Vinceška. Vinceška is a traditional tradition of St. Vincent’s Catholic celebration on January 22nd, a patron saint of wine and winemakers, held in the vineyards of Baranja on the slopes of the Baranja Mountains from Beli Manastir to Batina. The winner’s tenure has been around for centuries. It is linked to the blessing of vineyards and wines and begins a new wine-growing year. It is customary to put the biggest sausage on the chop and dip wine to grow next year, and bunches big like sausages. Sometimes the blessing was in the foreground, and today this feast is mainly celebrated by fire-firing, sausage and bacon stuffed on a spit or boiling salad or indigenous salami beans with traditional recipe, drinking wine, tambourine music and a cheerful song society.


The number and type of sample
for tasting is by arrangement.

Tasting of 3 types of wine
and snacks - 30,00 kn
Each subsequent sample - 10,00kn

Tasting time:
by agreement

Maršala Tita 141, 31309 Suza